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“Recording artist Melissa Cox is not easily categorized. She leaps wildly from folksy alternative music to experimental, edgy rock, hitting every note in between. So it’s no wonder her latest solo album, Harmonious Maladies, deals with stark opposites...With Harmonious Maladies, she brings her fans on a journey.” - The Hunt Magazine (full story)

“Carrie Fisher? Ukulele? Kazoo? Video all shot in one take? What is not to love? Big thumbs it.” - Got a Uke Blog (review of “To Carrie Fisher, with love” music video)

"Wow! Powerful!" - Gene Shay, The Folk Show, 88.5 FM WXPN

"For Newark musician and Mythica’s lead singer Melissa Cox, songwriting is literally a form of therapy — a topic she addresses, among others, on her new adult alternative, folk-rock concept album, Harmonious Maladies.” - Community News (full story)

"Powerful melodic female vocals...thoughtful lyrics..."
- Honolulu Weekly

"An outstanding singer/songwriter...she's committed to both her craft and her business." - Swoop's World Radio (full interview)

"Her music spins deep. There's plenty of sparkle amidst gravity's rainbow of bass tones, but always an urgency: 'Play your violin, child, send your spiral down/Oh, let it be wicked...' But not for wickedness' sake, or not the superstitious kind, anyway. 'Don't be someone to carry over/Something that can't be seen.' Romance, release-then the dark globe opens into a familiar, hollow world, with 'For Patrick' presenting a swirling, medieval hip-hop summons to justice." - Columbus UWeekly

"Melissa Cox's powerful vocals tie it all together for a phenomenal sound that is mesmerizing." - Go Girls Music (read more)

"...a sophisticated, highly arranged approach to roots music...Cox sounds like a cross between Jefferson Airplane's Grace Slick and Loreena McKennitt." - Sing Out! Magazine

"A truly remarkable voice." - Celtic Connection Magazine

"Cox is unflaggingly present, cutting through crowd noise with a workman’s mezzo-soprano: gutsier than first it seems, less fragile than first it sounds." - Origivation Magazine

"Melissa's lyrics are poignant and very descriptive left by open wounds of the heart. The music has a wonderful melodic progression with outstanding harmony vocals. The vocals are bold...The melodies are original and very strong." - National Song of the Year Contest

"Damn! This is one fine, extraordinary piece of work...All my hats are off to you, though I still don't understand why... Steely soft, rough velvet; testostrogen?" - Gods of Music




"Singer Releases Album to
Fight Lyme Disease" August 2013

Delaware 55 Hours "Best Bet"
June 2013

The Hunt Magazine feature
April 2012

Swoops World Radio Interview
January 2012

Community News Feature
September 2011




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